I offer complete gardening services, including landscaping and forestry, for your garden, orchard, park or forest - from planning of the project and its realization to the subsequent maintenance. I work in private gardens, orchards, parks, public spaces and forests for more than 20 years while using proffesional tools:

- planting of perrenials and annuals, bulbs, shrubs, hedges, trees, rock gardens, orchards, tree alleys and vegetable beds

- pruning of hedges, shrubs and fruit/trees (educational, forming and safety cuts, height reduction by climbing technique)

- sowing of lawns and flowery meadows with quality seed and their maitenance by mowing, fertilizing, weeding and applying chemical protection if desired

- installation of irrigation systems (dripp, sprinklers)

- and of course classical maitenance as well

All work is done according to the seasons and applicable agro-technological and security standards.

While planning, I take in cosideration your wishes and local conditions (light, disposition, soil and water) and I strive for harmonious interconnection of new vegetation and natural garden features with existing greenery and surroundings. I use quality seed, plants and fertilizers, so you can have something flowering and beautiful to look at most of the year.

I see water (still and flowing) as an essencial part of life and I try to execute projects of a small streams or lakes with low energy demands in mind (renewabke energies, water availability). I can help you to lower the water requirements and lessen the maitenance afterwards by planting xerophytes and rock gardens, mulching (with variety of natural material – bark, gravel etc.), building of supporting walls and digging of drainage troughs.




 Autumn is a time of harvest and preparation for the coming cold season

  • Pruning of perrenials, shrubs,hedges and trees
  • Autumn cleaning (leaves and other garden residue)
  • Weeding
  • Tree and shrub planting
  • Renewal of flower/veg beds and their preparation for winter
  • Clearing of overgrown plots
  • Terrain landscaping
  • Building of garden structures
  • Pruning of trees and hedges
  • Tree felling

I work in Strakonice and surroundings, whole Czech Republic after arrangement.

Pricing is individual - I take in account demands of environment and scale of skill and labour needed (f.e. waste disposal)

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"If you look the right way, you can see the whole world is a garden.“
Frances Hodgson Burnett