Complete care for gardens, orchards, parks or other public spaces according to seasons and applicable agro-technological and security standards

-planning of projects and their realisation, including subsequent maintenance of shrubs and   trees. Layout of a plan for resulting care

-planting of ornamental/cropp plants, shrubs and trees

-proffesional pruning and shaping of shrubs, hedges and trees (using climbing technique in difficult terrain)

-tree felling – preparation of an application for felling included, procuring of experts reference if that is needed

-sowing of lawns and flowery meadows and their maintenance by mowing (self-propelled mower, brush cutter), fertilizing, weeding and applying of chemical protection if desired

-founding of rock gardens and raised flower/vegetable beds: with wattle lining, permacultural,with mulch made of gravel, bark and other vegetative debris on non-woven fabric/carton

-building of supporting walls, stone/woooden stairs, packed gravel paths, digging of drainage troughs, small streams and lakes, terrain alternations and small garden structures

-complete care for bulbs, succulents, annuals/perrenials, grasses, houseplants, shrubs and trees

-renovation of flower/vegetable gardens, orchards and public spaces

-clearing of unkept, overgrown plots

-building of small garden structures

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